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Rivello Multimedia Consulting (RMC) provides consulting services for applications and games. We consult on software architecture for apps (ex. Robotlegs, PureMVC, custom solutions) and for games (ex. Unity3D, HTML5 frameworks), advergames, and monetized virtual worlds. We setup efficient teams & team workflows, champion best practices, and provide corporate training.


Software Architecture

  • Architect modular applications, systems, frameworks, and API’s
  • Specialize in the PureMVC framework for apps


  • Research and design using the latest technologies – Create and/or interpret RFP’s for new projects
  • Create and refine best practices & team workflows


  • Develop applications & games
  • Design game mechanics, prototypes, and tools for developers


  • Train staff to increase productivity and expand capability
  • Assist migration to latest software version


Less is More – Simplifying the structure of tasks, exploiting the powers of constraint, and designing for error makes for winning software.

Champion Best Practices – Those willing to invest greatly with time, knowledge, and discipline will soar with success. Move beyond – breath life into your art and pour love into your process.

Never Stop Learning – RMC not only employs proven technologies and the latest techniques, it defines and refines innovation through deep community activity and international conference participation.



Exceeded Goals – Experts and creative leaders / innovators in online virtual worlds & demonstrated technology innovation and excellence. — Senior Vice President, Fortune 100 Client

[RMC Principal, Samuel Asher Rivello] is one of the most personally effective people I have worked with from the standpoint of management, process, and technology (architecture, code, etc…). — Website Project Supervisor, Fortune 100 Client

A Flash game production pipeline of trained staff and processes praised as ‘machine-like in dependability among the external chaos of changing requirements and demands.’ — Production Coordinator, Fortune 100 Client

Recent Portfolio

Coins And Platforms

Collect all coins and make it to the goal to win!

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Paddle Soccer

Defend your goal and be the first to score!

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Spider Strike

Command the turret to defeat all attacking spiders.

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Custom Game System API

A custom game system API for loading, high scores, persistence, and more.

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