Cross Platform Mobile Starter Kit

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A time-saving template project for your next cross platform mobile app (iPhone/iPad/Android).


MSK (Cross-Platform Mobile Starter Kit) provides an excellent starting point for your next mobile project. Built with the same proven Flash-To-Mobile solution that powers the hottest apps in iTunes and Android marketplaces. Publishing for mobile is challenging, and publishing for multiple devices (phone vs tablet) and multiple platforms (iOS vs Android) is a challenge. Add quality and depth to your project and save time and costly mistakes.

The Basic App Structure:

  • SplashPage (Auto Advances Upon Load Completion)
  • LogIn SampleView - UI offers elegant log in and log out buttons with feedback message area (Note: App does not actually contact any server.)
  • Main SampleView - This blank canvas is where your content goes. Add as many views (pages) as you like.
  • Web SampleView - Show your favorite web-page within the app. Uses full native web-kit.
  • External CSS - Easy customization of look/feel
  • External Display Text - Easily update text and offer multiple languages
  • External Assets - Create your art in Photoshop and/or Flash. Yes, scalable graphics work great!
  • Robotlegs Framework - Uses the free, powerful, proven app framework ( Yes, we have it! HD screencast tutorial video is included to help train-up newbies.
  • ANE Compatible - Use your favorite Adobe Native Extensions (such as Facebook login).
Options for MSK
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  • Want real-time messaging (gaming, chat, server-push, etc...)? - Contact us
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Flash Professional & Flash Builder


AS3, Flash Professional Assets (Embedded as SWF), FlexMobile, AIR, Robotlegs Framework, StageWebView


The template app targets the Apple iStore for iPad Touch / iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4 / iPad (1, 2, 3) and the Android Marketplace for myriad Android phones and tablets. The app's liquid layout looks great on any device at any orientation.

How Do I Use It?

RMC consults to understands your needs, updates the app/files/folders/classes, migrates the project to your SVN/GIT, and provides HD Video training to get you started.

Next Steps

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