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A custom multiplayer game API (JS/AS3/JAVA) for turn-based & real-time gaming.


The Custom Multiplayer API: allows 2 to 9 players to collaborate/compete in real-time. After joining the same virtual room, game players can send and receive strongly typed AS3-objects (automatic serialization/deserialization).


  • Purpose: Create an API for internal and 3rd party use. The API is to expose a custom multiplayer messaging system and integration points for game-start, game-pause, game-end, and more! For legacy concerns, the backend is FMS through a JavaScript Bridge. The client provided no spec for the API, only legacy integration points and a requirements list of features.
  • RMC Responsibility: All architecture, AS3 development, AsDoc, standards, and a wiki on best practices, how-to, and instructional 'HelloWorld'-type examples for training.
  • Flex 10+. Both Flash CS5 and Flash Builder 4.x
  • Flash CS5 Assets, Embedded as SWF


  • Purpose: Create a turn-based gaming API with turn-times and a full, production-quality game using Phase 1's API to prove out the code. The client provided a full-spec for the game and all assets.
  • RMC Responsibility: All AS3-Code.
  • Flash Builder 4.x
  • Flash CS5 Assets, Embedded as SWF

Role: I built a proprietary multiplayer-gaming AS3 API & Platform. The client explained use cases and technical limitations (legacy platform considerations). I completed all programming and development (AS3), and collaborated with internal staff for the JavaScript layer's development and backend's Java Development.

Client: I worked onsite/offsite for the amazing company MyYearbook.



Flash Professional & Flash Builder


AS3, Flash Professional Assets (Embedded as SWF)


Flash Player for browser. Released on (MYB) for use by MYB developers and 3rd-party developers.

API Goals

Rapid game development, Strong typing, & intuitive API

Next Steps

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