“Flash Platform Gaming” 5-Articles for Adobe Inspire (Formerly EDGE)



I wrote a series of game-related articles for Adobe


The 5-article series outlines major topics in Flash development from a (mostly) technical perspective with some business & project-planning concerns too. Client: Adobe Systems, Inc. for use on their Inspire (formerly EDGE) magazine.



Microsoft Word for the copy and Flash Professional & Flash Builder for some source-code and playable demos.


Flash & Flex


Adobe's Inspire (formerly EDGE) magazine.

Fourth Feature Title...

Fourth feature body...

Next Steps

Here is a list of the 5 articles. Check them out!

  1. Introduction to Gaming on the Flash Platform
  2. Deconstructing ZOMG MMO from Gaia Online
  3. Developing Physics-based Games
  4. Developing Flash Platform Games with the PushButton Engine
  5. How To Make Money With Online Games

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