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Ad-Monetized (POC) App for Mobile (iPhone/iPad/Android)


The Happy Birthday app allows users to browse the lyrics for 'Happy Birthday' in 30+ foreign languages. With each song the name and gender of the 'Birthday Boy' or girl is dynamically inserted into the song and gender-specific grammar is corrected. The user learns more via Wikipedia. The in-app web browser is locked to the page of the spoken language of interest.

The Basic App Structure:

  • SplashPage
  • MainView* - Select a spoken language
  • SongView* - View song lyrics
  • WebView* - View Wikipedia for selected language
*Live ad-unit served

Role: I completed all aspects of the project from original concept through design and development.

Client: This is an internal proof of concept (POC) project showcasing viable Ad-Monetized cross-mobile development.



Flash Professional & Flash Builder


AS3, Flash Professional Assets (Embedded as SWF), FlexMobile, AIR, Adobe Native Extensions (Ad Units), Robotlegs Framework, StageWebView


The app targets the Apple iStore for iPad Touch / iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4 / iPad (1, 2, 3) and the Android Marketplace for myriad Android phones and tablets. The app's liquid layout looks great on any device at any orientation.

Proof Of Concept (POC) Objectives

The app is real and commercial ready. It demonstrates;

  • AIR for Mobile
  • Multi-screen development
  • Ad-Monetization
  • In-App web browsing

Next Steps

This app is a demonstration of our commitment to quality development. It is app-store ready but un-submitted.
'Happy Birthday' is available for licensing/sponsorship.

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