Museum Kiosk Touch Screen



A beautiful interactive timeline desktop app with text, images, & video.


The Interactive Timeline is an Adobe AIR 3.2 application that runs full-screen on hardware within a history museum in New York. The hardware includes a touch-screen display and Apple MacMini computer. The application offers users a menu of event timelines related to nature and politics within a historical and contemporary context. The timelines include 'events' of text, graphics, images, and video. The experience uses public Internet connectivity to load data from a remote CMS system and to load assets; embedded, local, and online.

The Basic App Structure:

  • Main Navigation
  • Timeline - Contains 'events' of text, graphics, images, and video.
  • LifeBar - Contains labeled bars of various styles to co-relate important time spans under each 'event'.

Role: I completed all aspects of development using the client's CMS for data and the client's assets.

Client: A top natural history museum in New York.



Flash Professional & Flash Builder


AS3, Flash Professional Assets (Embedded as SWF), AIR, Robotlegs Framework, AS3-Signals, Google Analytics, & Youtube Video API


The app targets an Adobe AIR running on a Mac Mini with a 24 inch touchscreen



Next Steps

This app is a demonstration of our focus on visually stunning yet approachable design for a mass audience.
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