O’Reilly Publishes PureMVC Guide Book



A great guide-book to the powerful PureMVC framework.


ActionScript Developer's Guide to PureMVC is a complete introduction to the framework.

  • Get a detailed overview of the PureMVC process for developing your application
  • Model the domain by designing the schema and creating framework-agnostic value objects
  • Implement framework-agnostic View components that expose an API of events and properties
  • Use the Proxy pattern to keep track of value objects and hide service interaction
  • Facilitate two-way communication between a View component and the rest of the application
  • Stitch the Model and View tiers together with command objects in the Controller
  • Manage problematic View component life cycles, and learn how to reuse the Model tier

Role: I commented and revised for the complete manuscript as a technical editor.

Client: Author, developer, and genius - Cliff Hall



Microsoft Word


ActionScript 3.0, Flex 4.x, & PureMVC


The book's audience is advanced ActionScript developers wanting expertise in the PureMVC framework.



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