Spider Strike

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Command the turret to defeat all attacking spiders. You can play it now in the 'Next Steps' section below. Enjoy!


Spider Strike: is a simple, complete game created to showcase Unity3D/C# development skills.

Role: I completed all aspects of game design and development and imported existing art assets via the Asset Store.

Client: This is an internal project.


This game serves as a concise technical & process demo which includes;

  • StrangeIoC Framework
  • Signals Observer Pattern
  • 3D Models
  • Full Documentation
  • Coding Standards
  • Scripted Animation
  • KeyFrame Animation
  • Custom Animation System (with completion events)
  • GUI: Unity GUI (v4.3.4)
  • Effects: Light projectors (reticle)
  • Effects: Shuriken for bullet hit
  • Effects: Billboarding for turret muzzle flash
  • Cross Platform: Input via either/both virtual onscreen buttons and keyboard
  • Cross Platform: Layout adaptive to multiple screen sizes (Focus: Browser/iPad)
  • For Unity Standard version: So download the free trial of Unity and learn from this project's source-code.

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The gameplay mechanics and game duration are purposefully lean. The game is complete, but here are some theoretical to-do items;
  • TODO: Graphic Optimization (However, current it already runs smooth at 60FPS on iPad2)
  • TODO: Programmatic Optimization (Project errors on the side of easy readability for educational purposes, rather than KISS and DRY)
  • TODO: Workflow Optimization (Current game must be tested monolithically from menu through game over. However, testing individual sections is recommended for scalability. For example a second scene could immediately test just the keyboard controls on the turret outside of the 'game' context.)
  • TODO: Testing (For Simplicity, project does not feature Unit Testing)



Unity3D v4.3.4


Unity3D, C#, StrangeIoC Framework, Imported 3D Models


Unity3D Player for browser and iOS iPad



Next Steps

Play Game - Browser Version

View Video - iPad2 Version

Download Complete Project / Source-Code (GIT Repo)

Download Complete Project / Source-Code (Zip File)

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