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Since 2006, as Principle of Rivello Multimedia Consulting  (RMC), I have offered four key services; software architecture, consulting, complete development of games and applications, and training. Fortunately we at RMC have thrived and are highly effective — profitable since year one. I have worked in exciting cities on 5 continents which has given me gifts of cultural knowledge & skills with spoken languages. Consulting offers many unique opportunities and challenges which I enjoy, however there are benefits to being part of a team which I miss too.  To satisfy my career forecast I will be changing gears and announce that;

I am now actively seeking a full-time position as a Unity3D Game Developer. 

I have deep experience in game development; more than 15 years of professional work. I absolutely live and breath gaming. I love it. I have much to offer my next team — everything from game concept creation and development, through to launch — and I am very excited! Please contact me directly with your opportunity. I’d love to chat.

This page serves as the main table of contents for all Unity-specific posts, demos, and code samples. Enjoy.


  • New Unity UI (4.6.x): Unity UI Part 1 of 3: Overview
  • New Unity UI (4.6.x): Unity UI Part 2 of 3: Demo – Basic UI (Source code + Video) [Coming Soon!]
  • New Unity UI (4.6.x): Unity UI Part 3 of 3: Demo – Combining UI w/ Frameworks/Architectures for scalability (Source code + Video) [Coming Soon!]




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  • Unity IDE Keyboard Shortcuts (Link)

We are confident that Unity presents compelling benefits for mobile game development; especially games for multiple-devices (write once and publish everywhere). Contact Us today with any questions, comments, and project quotes.