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Working @ RMC

  • Contract-based opportunities
  • Excellent pay for excellent work – directly deposited net 30 days, every 30 days.
  • Location independence
  • Learning opportunities
  • Self-defined career path
  • Champion best practices
  • Create great work

Must Haves

  • A desire to make work enjoyable for yourself and for others (this is first on the list for a reason)
  • Excellence in communication
  • Ego-less team-working
  • Product-centered philosophy

Language Skills

  • English Required
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • French
  • German
  • Chinese/Thai/Tagalog

Current openings

Senior Client-Side Developer

Talented game developer with strong computer science background for Flash Platform game and app projects & HTML5 game projects


Requirements (At Least One Of The Following)


  • Flash-To-Mobile development
  • iOS/Android native development
  • Compassion for artists

Senior Back-End Developer

Talented back-end coder with strong computer science background to setup software stacks, configure db systems, and collaborate with client-side developers on rich applications and games


  • Help architect new software solutions
  • Setup stacks & DBs on cloud-based systems (Amazon, etc…)
  • Write clean, standards-compliant, documented code


  • LAMP stack expertise
  • PHP & Java
  • Developer-centered API design experience


  • Game & multiplayer experience
  • Collaboration with Flash/Flex front-end
  • Compassion for client-side developers & artists

Lead Artist

Talented digital artist for web, app, & game projects


  • Design new characters & game words
  • Create complete, KISS UI/UX solutions


  • Love of simple-to-use apps, games, and mobile
  • Adobe Creative Suite for Flash-friendly assets
  • Adobe Creative Suite for HTML5/CSS30-friendly assets


  • Mobile experience
  • Design for multiple screens
  • Compassion for developers & basic programming knowledge

Sales Director

Run our sales, promotions, marketing efforts. Promote RMC’s software consulting services, find new clients, and close deals. Maintain good relations with clients and satisfy ongoing needs


  • New client acquisition
  • Evangelize RMC services and tailor custom sales solutions


  • Specific knowledge of Flash Platform, HTML5, and gaming
  • Honest, direct communication style‚Äč
  • Commission-based compensation


  • Energetic can-do personality
  • Project-management experience
  • Critical thinking skills

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