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Professional Writings

Official Guest Writer

A great intro article I wrote about Sencha’s ExtJS.

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Official Robotlegs MVCS Diagram

The detailed illustration teaches key concepts in a clear, attractive way

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Adobe DevNet’s Flash Gaming Feature Article

The permanent featured article for Adobe’s Official Video Game Development website.

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Adobe DevNet’s Innovating the Flash and Flex Workflow

Master the workflow between Adobe’s Flash Professional & Flex

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Adobe DevNet’s Managing Application State with Flex

Learn the state pattern for AS3.

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Adobe DevNet’s Augmented Reality Article

Create Augmented Reality (AR) applications with Flash Professional

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“Flash Platform Gaming” 5-Articles for Adobe Inspire (Formerly EDGE)

A deep look at video game development; introduction, monetizing, & more!

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O’Reilly Publishes PureMVC Guide Book

A great textbook for the powerful PureMVC framework

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